Our Key Ideas

Being part of the group has opened my eyes to other people’s ideas and points of view and ways of thinking

values These are the ideas which we try and work by. But we're always open to discussing and developing them!

Acting Like Equals

We believe that all of us - regardless of what we do or who we are - are both teachers and learners. No one’s role or opinion is more important than anyone else’s - though we recognise some people have more knowledge about some things. No-one’s work is more important that anyone else’s . We believe in taking people’s opinions seriously. We really listen to what they say.

Wonderful facilitators who show that working together is almost always more effective than working alone.

Sharing decision-making, responsibility, leadership and power between all members

We believe this is an ethical and effective way to work. We also believe that it takes time, effort and consideration. We therefore use processes that allow everyone to be heard. We work hard to be aware of and address power dynamics in the group, even when they are hidden.


Being part of something bigger than yourself, being around a variety of people, really opens up your eyes to other ways of living and thinking... It has given me a level of understanding and compassion for other ways of being, that I didn’t have before.

We believe in interdependence, not individualism. We are all responsible for each other. Within our group we strive towards a constant flow of give and take: everyone both giving and receiving support, learning and sharing skills.

Accepting and Working with Difference (Not Making Assumptions)

People have different backgrounds, experiences and ways of thinking. We do not all see the world in the same way. We accept this and try and learn from it. We all make assumptions and have prejudices - but we try hard to be aware of them and challenge them in ourselves and others.

Strengths Not Deficits

In our experience, sometimes when people go to services the support they get is focused on problems they have. We want to support people with their needs and problems , but also focus on positive things they have to share and build on. We see people as capable and everyone as having something to contribute. We want our programmes to help unleash the potential people already have and give them the space and motivation to do what they already can do.

Change needs to happen at all levels

It's a non-judgemental space for different sorts of women to think how they can take control, in finding or creating work

We believe that the social and economic systems we live in privilege some people and hold others back – usually the poor and the powerless. For everyone to be able to thrive, these systems need to change. We support people to work towards what they want for themselves and their families, but as a group we also work towards social transformation.

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