Influences and Allies

We would like to thank and acknowledge the many individuals, groups and organisations whose work and ideas have inspired and shaped our work. For example:

  • Our peer support and cooperative practices have drawn heavily from the deep thinking and radical practice of Intentional Peer Support.
  • Facilitators at Seeds for Change and Navigate initially trained us in consensus decision-making and other cooperative processes and have supported us throughout.
  • The radical ‘family learning’ model developed by the founders at Learning Unlimited was a huge inspiration and influence on how we developed our training.
  • The pioneering work of homelessness organisation Groundswell has inspired us since the beginning, in particular we used their Citizen’s Jury model in our participatory research.
  • We continue to be inspired and learn from the radical collective model of confronting housing issues developed by Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth.

And here are some of the things which have been written about us!

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