Participatory Research

Our Participatory Research projects focus on issues that are directly affecting the lives of members of Skills Network. We have tried to develop an approach to participatory research which reflects our organisational vision and values; one which combines different knowledge and experience, and builds constructive, equal exchange between decision makers, those who implement policy decisions and those who are directly affected by policies.

Find out more about how we did our research and what we found out here:

What's our story report

Living in the system: navigating 'welfare' as a 'mum on benefits'

This project grew out of discussions between members of the group about their experiences of JobCentre Plus services. We wanted to find out more about other mothers’ views and the views of the service providers, to try and understand the policies behind what people experience. We want to know: are the services offered by JobCentre Plus working for people? If not, what could be done differently? We decided to answer these questions by carrying out community research. This is participatory research which is planned and carried out with and by the people affected by an issue rather than ‘on’ them by ‘experts’.

What's our story report

Working, Poor: South London women share their experiences of in-work poverty

What’s Our Story is Skills Network’s social-action work, which comprises community research and campaigning. Our current piece of research is about in-work poverty, particularly women’s and mothers’ experiences of this.

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