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‘’You are the parent, you know what’s best...’’ (the professional mantra…)

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If I’m the parent who knows and understands my child with the best intentions that love can guarantee, let me care for my child, find the best school for him, give him what he needs. 

Yes, I need help to do this - is there a caring society to help me? 

Help me by finding the professionals who will support his progress.

Help me by giving me information, methods and techniques.

Help me by demonstrating acceptance, understanding and compassion

Help me by actually caring about his future.

Do not make me beg or fight for everything my child needs. Even though I will beg and fight - ferociously. 

So much is changing with vague detail of what the end result will be: each council making its own rules. Do you know our fear, the ones who have seen shifts and changes in policy only unveiling another fight, another hoop to jump through? The fear, will we achieve our goal, the best for our child? 

Autistic children bring to family life an element you could not fathom or imagine

My fear is for the unknowing family of the undiagnosed child, ignorant of the child’s condition, without information, without specialist help, how will he progress? 

Be careful: autism in a family can overwhelm you, isolate you, dominate every fibre of your existence

Does society care? Do you share my love for him even though he is of no use to you? 

Do you see his worth or do you see him as a bad investment?

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