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Job Centre Blues

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Jobcentre Bluesby Hazel Emmons

‘Go to the job centre!’ the government say
‘We will get you a job right away!
Doesn’t matter what you can do
We will make sure, you get through!’
What a load of crap
Bullshit and lies
Hopeful that the people
Have closed eyes
Closed ears
Closed minds
Of course no brain
They won’t realise
What the system has to gain


Cheap labour
Low wages
Working people
From all ages

Can’t let them progress, never become wealthy
For the rich
That just isn’t healthy
Need to keep them
Where they belong
Plodding on

Tell all the masses about the workless scum
Tell all the masses about the benefit bum
Got to set them against each other
Father son daughter mother

After all
We are the United Kingdom
Free speech for all

But never your freedom.


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