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Feminist in the Babyroom

Written by The Skills Network on .

“I love working with children.”  That’s a good answer to the question why do you want to work with children?  Isn’t it?  I don’t think so.   It says something but it means nothing.  Enjoying the company all day of children is essential.  Loving children but not wanting to be with them all the time is something many mothers experience

Women (it is still largely) who work with young children are hugely important .  Kind, caring, engaging early years practitioners do have an influence and power.  The power to effect change.  It’s a tough one, what to do?  Work towards positive change for the good of the next generation?  Or eat hobnobs whilst watching the X factor.  Girls need to understand as a group, women are powerful – yet we have our differences.  Diversity is good.  I’m going to say a nasty word  - ‘politics’ – yes to make a change you will need to actually do something – put down that hob nob and join the union.  We sometimes forget too easily – rights can be taken away.    It’s less than a hundred years since women have been able to vote in the UK.

I’ll finish with that old chestnut:  I’m not a feminist, but...

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